Compresor de aer comprimat


Technical condition requirements for removed compressed air compressors

1. The core must have a producer nameplate. In the absence of it - other features confirming the origin of the product, e.g. company marks on the housing casting. Only cores possessing the characteristics of original manufacturers are accepted: Wabco, Knorr-Bremse, Mercedes, Bendix, Voith, etc. 2. Index of the returned core must match the index of the purchased part. 3. The returned core must be complete, it must not have deep corrosion, traces of welding and combustion. 4. The heads of compressed air compressors must not have any visible damage to the outside: body cracks, deformations, material losses. 5. Cylinder blocks - the bodies of compressed air compressors must not have: cracks, deformations, material losses, signs of burning, deep corrosion, damages of assembly holes. 6. Crankshafts - they must not have visible damage on the outside: broken threads, thread damage, damages to the crankshaft surface co-operating with drive pulleys (belt or toothed wheels), i.e. seizing or mutilation.

Przykłady nieakceptowalne